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Guide Your Family Toward a Positive Future Full of Confidence, Motivation, Strong Relationships and Excellence by Participating in
the 8 Keys of Excellence Family Program

My Friends at Learning Forum International are bringing this 8-week Program to you at No Cost!
Watch this video to hear my thoughts on excellence
Sign up right now so your family can experience the power of the 8 Keys of Excellence.
Each week, for 8 weeks, you’ll get a link to a web page on one of the 8 Keys of Excellence that contains:
  • An easy-to-follow 20-minute family activity to help everyone experience and understand more about the Key-of-the-week
  • A Key story (in print and audio)
  • The Key definition
  • Affirmation statements that reinforce the Key's core message
  • A family discussion topic for the Key
  • A Key review that includes a pdf of all the content for the Key
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access to this invaluable no-cost program!
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