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Since 1982, tens of thousands of Quantum Learning-trained teachers have used the 8 Keys of Excellence as their preferred method of character education. The 8 Keys of Excellence school character education program can provide teachers with curriculum and training to implement a full year of character education lessons enabling you to inspire and model excellence in your classroom..

Teachers begin the year by presenting an overview lesson of the 8 Keys of Excellence to their students. They focus on one Key per month, starting with a Key lesson early in the month and integrating the Key into the curriculum in a number of ways, including: student journaling, writing assignments and test preparation tips. May is review and celebration month.

If the school year already is underway, your school can implement 8 Keys of Excellence at any point simply by shortening the time spent on each Key.

“Our message was clear to students and their families about the characteristics we value as staff. Our school counselor noticed that students often talked about the importance of striving for excellence and the values of the Keys while they worked out conflicts. We look forward to continuing with the program next year.”

Wendi Cocita, Assistant Principal, Jefferson Middle School

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The 8 Keys = Excellence

Research with 8 Keys schools has shown the positive effects of using the 8 Keys of Excellence as the school’s character education program. One study revealed that after implementing the 8 Keys of Excellence school-wide for one year, teachers increased their ability to engage all students in learning, effectively manage classroom behavior, make meaningful connections to content, improve student socialization, cultivate positive attitudes in their classroom and encourage students to take responsibility for their learning.

Teachers also reported higher levels of joy and satisfaction from teaching at the end of the year than at the beginning, and an increased school spirit. Suspensions and expulsions went down approximately 30% and average student GPA increased a half letter grade.

The 8 Keys not only develop student’s character, but they bring students and faculty together. Schools have selected their students of the year based on who best demonstrated the ability to live the 8 Keys throughout the school year. Other schools have chosen the 8 Keys as their theme for yearbooks and school plays.

“Coastal Academy loves the 8 Keys. Parents love the character education.”

– Lori Perez, Principal, Coastal Academy

“The program has given the school a common language.”

– Debbie Dickson, Teacher, Reynolds Elementary

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